Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation

Welcome to the website of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation.  Launched in 1963, the Foundation was established to carry forward Russell's work for peace, human rights and social justice.  Forty years later, it continues to do so.

Here, you will also find information about our journal, The Spokesman, and links to our publications website Spokesman Books.

The Spokesman Journal

The Spokesman is the journal of the Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation. It features independent journalism on peace and nuclear disarmament, human rights and civil liberties, and contemporary politics. Contributors include Robert Fisk, Noam Chomsky, Naomi Klein, John Le Carre, Trevor Griffiths and Kurt Vonnegut to name a small selection.

'I've just had chance to read The Spokesman ... its really first rate.'
Noam Chomsky

Tata Madiba

 The Spokesman 123

Edited by Tony Simpson

Beverley Naidoo -
In search of Neil Aggett
Nelson Mandela -
The Long Walk
Taha Muhammad ’Ali -
Never in his Life
Marwan Barghouthi – Unconquerable Soul
Abdullah Öcalan – A comrade in Mandela
Leonard Weiss – The South Atlantic Flash
Michael Barratt Brown – Kuapa Kokoo
Caroline Lucas MP – The cracks in fracking
Gayle Kinkead – Refusing to pay for war
Panos Trigazis – Europe Rebuilt?
Che Qianzi – Chinese Pinyin
Ayse Berktay – Speaking Freely
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The Middle East free of WMD?

 The Spokesman 122

Edited by Tony Simpson

Conflicts Forum - Syria: A point of change?
Sergei Lavrov - Russia's view
Tony Simpson - From chemical to nuclear
Chelsea Manning - Remember your humanity
K. J. Noh - Oppose this base!
Alex Farquharson and Ralph E. Lapp - Aquatopians
Bertrand Russell and Ralph Miliband - Anecdotage
Abi Rhodes - Ayse Berktay
Trevor Griffiths - Umkhonto
Tony Simpson - Crossing Derry
Martin McGuinness MLA - Peace needs partnership

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Unruly Dog

 The Spokesman 121

Edited by Tony Simpson

Edward Snowden interviewed by Glenn Greenwald - Against the Public Interest
William Hague MP et al - Don't be vague
Sylvie Guillaume MEP and Jan Philipp Albrecht MEP - Prism and GCHQ
Tony Simpson - 'A dog in this fight'
Lawrence Ferlinghetti - 'Dog'
Bruce Gagnon - The Kill Chain
E P Thompson - Prayer for the Year's Turning
The Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation Fifty Years On
Bertrand Russell - Must hate and death return?
Bertrand Russell - Appeal to the American Conscience
Ken Coates - Bertrand Russell and Industrial Democracy
Peggy Duff - CND and Greece
Tony Simpson - Peace in our way
Vicki Sentas - Peace in Kurdistan?

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On Palestine and Prisoners

 The Spokesman 120

Edited by Tony Simpson

Mahmoud Darwish - Poem
Marwan Barghouti - This day shall come
Stéphane Hessel - Time for justice
Angela Davis - More to come
Trevor Griffiths - Sons and Lovers A ‘version’
Abdullah Öcalan - A new beginning
Ayse Berktay - I demand my acquittal
Daniel Ellsberg - Hearing Bradley Manning
Bradley Manning - Why I blew the whistle
Tony Simpson - Nottingham Contemporary

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The Kurdish Question in Turkey

 The Spokesman 119

Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Coalition Politics
John Gittings - The Narrative of Peace
Ban Ki-moon - Opportunities Lost
Sergio Duarte - Assembly Line for Disarmament
Trevor Griffiths - March Time
Ruth Lister - Social Security
Dexter Whitfield - Care and Health
Dossier - Hiroshima
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The Narrative of Peace

 The Spokesman 118

Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Coalition Politics
John Gittings - The Narrative of Peace
Ban Ki-moon - Opportunities Lost
Sergio Duarte - Assembly Line for Disarmament
Trevor Griffiths - March Time
Ruth Lister - Social Security
Dexter Whitfield - Care and Health
Dossier - Hiroshima
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Keep Space for Peace

 The Spokesman 117

Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial
Stephen F Cohen
Cold War Chill
Bruce Gagnon - Is Missile Defence Working?

Esther Koohan Paik - Jeju meets Hawaii
Abi Rhodes - Defence against whose Missiles?
Betrand Russell - Cuban Missile Crisis – 50 years on
Gabriel Kolko - Turbulence Ahead
Zhores Medvedev - Feeding the Cities
Juheina Khaldieh reviews Jehan Helou - Palestinian Women
Daniel Jakopovich - Yugoslavia’s Self-Management
Mike Harding - Cissy Worswick Dances

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Resist Much, Obey Little

 The Spokesman 116

Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial
Ken Coates – Insistent Lad
Ken Coates – Poverty and the IWC
Ken Coates interviewed by George Lambie – A Political Life
Michael Barratt Brown
The Institute for Workers’ Control
Bill Silburn – St Ann’s
Regan Scott – About Ken
John Daniels – Lifelong Comrade
Tony Benn interviewed by Tony Simpson – History Will Be Kind

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Syria and Iran

 The Spokesman 115

From Hiroshima to FukushimaEdited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson
Editorial: Syria and Iran
Aisling Byrne
Regime change in Syria?
Brian Jones
Iran - lessons unlearnt
Ayse Berktay - Prison Notes
Trevor Griffiths
Habaccuc Dreams
Gabriel Kolko - Germany goes for broke
Stuart Holland - Europe needs growth
Lord Byron - Framing ideas
Christopher Gifford - Nuclear Explosions
Michael Barratt Brown - Ill fares the land

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From Hiroshima to Fukushima

 The Spokesman 114

From Hiroshima to FukushimaEdited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial: From Hiroshima to Fukushima
Terumi Tanaka - Hibakusha and Fukushima
Hachiro Sato - Fukushima’s Quagmire
Helen Caldicott - Fukushima’s Radioactive Elements
Seiji Takato - Black Rain
Hiroshi Taka - A world without nuclear weapons
World Conference Against A & H Bombs - Declaration
Naomi Klein - Occupy!
Noam Chomsky - Academic Freedom?
John Dugard - Apartheid in South Africa and Palestine?
Alastair Crooke - The ‘great game’ in Syria
Brian Jones - Iraq's Report X
Stephanie Sampson - Building Bridges
Raymond Williams - The Country and the City

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NATO? No Thanks!

 The Spokesman 113

NATO? No thanks!Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial: NATO? - No thanks!
Peter Dale Scott - The Libyan War
Rick Rozoff - NATO's War on Libya
Global Network - Global Strike
Ikeda Some - translated by James Kirkup
Michio Nakano - Umeboshi
Zhores Medvedev - Fukushima
Ambassador Glyn Davies - Prime Candidate
Zhores Medvedev - Dangerous Occupation
Carmel Budiardjo - The Land of Papua
Stuart Holland - New Deal for Europe
Panos Trigazis, Bruce Kent & Colin Archer - Michalis Peristerakis
Stan Newens - Ocalan’s Prison Writings
John Daniels - Public Health
Mike Pentelow & Peter Arkell - Feargus O’Connor
Egyptian Organization for Human Rights - Appeal from Egypt

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What’s happening at Fukushima?

 The Spokesman 112

What’s happening at Fukushima?Edited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial: What’s happening at Fukushima?
Masakazu Yasui - Letter from Japan
Katsunobu Sakurai - Appeal from Minamisome
Johan Galtung - Libya
Mustafa Barghouti - Lessons from Egypt
Alexis Lykiard - Setting Out
Merav Amir & Dalit Baum - Corporate Complicity
Michael Barratt Brown & David Browning - Paying for Higher Education
Zhores Medvedev - Dangerous Occupation
Michael Moore - America is not broke
Raoul Marc Jennar - What’s left?
Barry Baldwin - Ancient Socialism
Ian Watson - God, King, and Dennis Law

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Complicity Against Palestine

 The Spokesman 111

Complicity Against PalestineEdited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial: Complicity Against Palestine
Dalit Baum - Who profits?
The Russell Tribunal on Palestine
Alice Walker
- A Circle
US Embassy, London - Diego Garcia
Noam Chomsky interviewed by Amy Goodman - Exposing Western Leadership
Paul Rogers - America's shiver
Zhores Medvedev - Dangerous occupation
Jeremy Corbyn MP - Love and learning
Diane Johnstone - NATO anf US Grand Strategy
Lynne Jones - Regime change or disarming WMD
Michael Barratt Brown - Basil Davidson
Alexis Lykiard - Haiku


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What Price Austerity?

 The Spokesman 110

What Price AusterityEdited by Tony Simpson

Tony Simpson - Editorial: What Price Austerity?
Mark Serwotka - Not a single job has to be lost
PCS - There is an alternative
Stuart Holland
- Demythologising 'Old Labour'
Brian Jones - Failing Intelligence
Hans von Sponeck - Scared of the facts
Caroline Lucas MP - Afghanistan - Nail the Myth
Bertrand Russell - Prevent the crime of silence
Richard Falk and David Krieger - The Middle East
Rep. Dennis Kucinich - What we have to do
Carmel Budiardjo - West Papua's Plight
Jimmy Reid - We're not rats
Michael Barratt Brown - Is there not an alternative?
Stuart Holland - Act and Survive


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Reinventing Socialism

 The Spokesman 109

Reinventing SocialismEdited by Ken Coates

Ken Coates - Editorial: Reinventing Socialism
Sidney Webb - Clause IV
Clement Atlee - 'We cannot administer capitalism'
Ken Coates
- Blair's Initiative
Ken Coates a Tribute

Noam Chomsky - The Radical Intellectual
Henning Mankell - 'Maybe we should talk about my books'
Tony Simpson - What the Spooks Want
David Kelly - A Fresh Inquiry?
Bertrand Russell - Why I am a Guildsman
Nurit Peled Elhanan - Carnage in Gaza


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A Special Relationship ... with Truth?

 The Spokesman 108

Spokesman 108Edited by Ken Coates

Ken Coates - Special Relationship?
Sir Edmund Thomas QC
- Lord Goldsmith and Iraq
Bertolt Brecht - Parade of the Old New
Bob Marshall-Andrews MP
Another Agenda

Bob Dixon
- Demockracy
Scott Ritter - Britain Can't Handle the Truth
Bertrand Russell - Writing Principia
Kurt Vonnegut - Kurt is up in Heaven now
Michael Foot
Lord Judge, Lord Neuberger - Judgment
Clive Stafford Smith - Spooks sold down the river
Alexis Lykiard - The Chilcot Enquiry
Nurit Peled Elhanan - Carnage in Gaza

Dossier - Russell Tribunal on Palestine

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Regime Changers Anonymous

 The Spokesman 107

Regime Changers AnonymousEdited by Ken Coates

Ken Coates - Regime Changers Anonymous
Tony Simpson
- Fixing the Intelligence?
Lord Goldsmith
- Law and War
Lord Steyn
The legality of the invasion of Iraq

David Halpin
- Who killed David Kelly?

Alexis Lykiard - Haiku
John Arden - Gallows
Noam Chomsky - The US and Israel
John Berger - Al Rabweh
Mahmoud Darwish - The Dice Player


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Responsibility to Protest

The Spokesman 106

Responsibility to ProtestEdited by Ken Coates

Robert Black - Lockerbie and the Law
Hans Köchler
- Unfair Trial
Marcello Mega
Lockerbie - the Cover-up

Tam Dalyell
- The Crime of Lockerbie

John Pilger - The Party of Criminal War
Noam Chomsky - Responsibility to Protest
Tony Blair - Pirate's Charter
Ken Coates - Benign Whitewash
Reprieve - Kidnapped on Diego Garcia
Ann Talbot, Trevor Griffths - 'A New World' at The Globe


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Money Troubles ... War Crimes -

The Spokesman 105

Money Troubles ... War CrimesEdited by Ken Coates

War Crimes
War Crimes I - Gordon Brown & Others

War Crimes II -

Bob Marshall-Andrews MP
Sir Menzies Campbell MP
Michael Mates MP
David Davis MP
George Galloway MP
Alan Simpson MP
Adam Price MP

Matthew Rycroft - War Crimes III - The Downing Street Memo
E. W. Thomas - War Crimes IV - Indictment of Tony Blair
Michael Barratt Brown - The Banks - Too Big to Fail
Jim Mortimer - What Labour Forgot
Henry McCubbin - European Elections
James Kirkup - My A-Bomb Biography
George Lansbury - The Titanic and The Herald


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